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In General...

Be familiar with how to contact emergency medical services at all games and practices. If you have any doubt as to the seriousness of the injury, call 911. First-aid kits are issued to each team manager and are in te sheds. If you need additional supplies, be sure and contact the Safety Officer at .

Medical Release Form must be completed for all players and carried by the manager.

Click for the Injury Report Form for injuries during practices or games.

ANSLL Safety Statement

Some Important Do's and Don'ts



  • Do reassure and aid children who are injured, frightened, or lost.
  • Do call 911 when necessary.
  • Do provide or assist in obtaining medical attention for those who require it.
  • Do not be afraid to cut uniforms, socks, shoe laces, etc. to expose injuries. Remember to LOOK for signs of injury (blood, bruising, deformity of joints, etc). If the injured is conscious, LISTEN to the injured describe what happened and what hurts. Before questioning, you may have to calm and soothe an excited child. FEEL gently and carefully the injured area for signs of swelling or grating of broken bone.
  • Do know your limitations.
  • Do carry your first-aid kit to all games and practices.

Do Nots



  • Do not hesitate to give aid when needed.
  • Do not administer any medications.
  • Do not move an injured person who may have a broken limb. Stop the game and await the arrival of emergency personnel.
  • Do not provide any food or beverages other than water. Do not attempt to give liquids to an unconscious or semi-conscious patient.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help if you are not sure of the proper procedures (i.e., CPR)
  • Do not leave an unattended child at the end of a practice or game.


Communicable Disease Procedures

Bleeding must be stopped, the open wound covered, and the uniform changed if there is blood on the uniform before the athlete may continue.
Routinely use gloves to prevent mucous membrane exposure when contact with blood or other body fluids.
Immediately wash hands and other skin surfaces if contaminated with blood. Clean all blood contaminated surfaces and equipment.
Managers, coaches, players, and volunteers with open wounds should refrain from all direct contact until the condition is resolved.

If 911 is needed

Addresses to the parks are posted in the sheds (operator won't know the parks location by name)
Make sure someone is at the park entrance to flag down the emergency vehicle (many crews are not local to the area so don't expect they know where they are going)
Direct the vehicle to the proper field